2012.. An interesting year..

It has been a roller coaster ride of a year for me.

But by it being full of unexpected surprises, I can honestly say I’ve grown tremendously this past year. Also I can be pretty certain that there was someone watching over me throughout the whole year cause I have gone pretty far in terms of testing the limits to my humanity and always come out learning something from the ordeal.

From road rage to fighting with someone whom I love to anger management issues with family and friends to landing a job at a MNC even more so at an opportune and timely hour…. All of these make me feel that there is a higher power that is actually looking out for the well being of myself… Or this could all be a coincidence and my upbringing that I was able to handle everything thrown at me with what knowledge and wisdom I’ve picked along the way…

All I can hope and pray for now is that 2013 will not let me fade away into oblivion but keep me on my toes as much as it has kept me on the edge for 2012. Oh btw, I found a perfect messenger bag that I utterly love from Ralph Lauren.

I was always eyeing something from Burberry but when I was walking around Pavilion, I saw this bag that I almost bought from Calvin Klein. It was a normal messenger bag for my iPad and wallet/phone… It was pretty decent pricing, under 500. As I was leaving Pavilion, I just told gravitated to this shop which was a whatever shop. I didn’t even look at what brand I was walking into until I saw this lonely brown simple leather bag hanging at a corner. I casually walked up to it and unhooked it from the hook and opened its flap. OMG… I can’t even tell you what I felt.

It was like when you open a Christmas present and see something that you’ve been eyeing all year round and waiting for the time to buy it suddenly appearing in front of your very eyes. Something like that.

The bag is a Ralph Lauren messenger leather bag with a sling that is from side to side also leather. But the icing on the top of the cake is that it was orange in color all around on the inside. It was a fabric type with leather stitching. It has a pen holder compartment, a couple of credit card/business card holders, a compartment for the iPad together with a zip. It was the perfect bag. You know there are just some things that call to you and this is most definitely one of them. There is however some bad news, it’s a whopping 1.9k. And as impulsive and I can be, my practical side usually wins in battles when it comes to spending on myself. Not so much when I spend on others whom I love. Oh well. Let me see if I have a picture of it.

Ta daaaaa, the bag that I’ve been raving over for the past half 10mins…



And the inside.. Isn’t it just lovely… Peace out 2012…have a kicking new year!


My first hotwheels…

When I was young, being the youngest in the family, I would always get the hand-me-downs. I’m not complaining at all, cause it was usually some nice toys that i was not allowed to play with. So when i finally got the toys that I was always aspiring to play with, I was usually delighted beyond words.

Fast forward a couple of decades. I’m took my nephew to Toys ‘r’ Us. I showed him the hotwheels shelf and he went crazy. Not just him, but me. It was buy 2 and get the 3rd one for free. That was perfect. He wanted a Camaro, he got for his brother a Mustang and I chose a Ford Shelby GT500. By far that is my favourite muscle car of the West, applying to American Car. It’s a real muscle car. I just wished I could get one over here.

Anyway, here it is. The awesome olive green GT500…


Isn’t it beauty…

My Lil nephew…

Days of waiting past the due date, finally my brother decides that inducing would be better. So the addition to the family is on the 12 of 12 of 2012 at 12pm…too bad didn’t manage to make it 12:12pm 12s. It would be another century before this can be done again. Lol.

He is a whopping 4.0kgs. That’s a pretty huge baby in my opinion…


Welcome to the family. You will be loved and taken care of by everyone and tortured and beaten by your other 2 brothers…

Have fun..

My 2010 Christmas present to myself..

This was one of the more lavish purchases I don’t regret one bit. Just look at it, it always keeps me in check, it looks so nice, it’s never failed me and makes me look good at the same time…

What is it?

Ding ding ding.. Correct… My watch.. It’s an Oris Big Crown Complication Moonphase Automatic watch. It comes with a rose gold ring around the watch and a premium leather strap.

It looks just so awesome…


Nothing like a midnight snack…

Don’t feel like typing too much today… I’m exhausted from all the turmoil that is going on in my life at the moment.. Didn’t have my dinner or more like forgot dinner..
Was really hungry at 23:54 and decided to make myself some good old comfort food…


First I started by chopping some garlic and heating up the pan with some olive oil. Then I threw the garlic in and toss them until they turn a little golden. I then break an egg and stir it gently until the egg looks like it’s clumping up. I quickly then throw a glass of water into the pan to stop the egg from getting cooked more. Then I fill up the pan to the amount of water/soup I would like. 2 mugs of water for every 1 packed of Maggi… I then put the packet of cancerous substance in and mix it up…


Should look something like this… Now you can add whatever vegetables you’d like. For me, I utterly hate vegetables in my food especially ones where it retards the original taste..

Finish product… Yummmmm


Good night.. I’m full and sleepy and tired… Hope tomorrow will be a better day…

Peace out…

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Awesome possum..

I am loving my Samsung galaxy s3… It’s really a phone I have no qualms recommending to other people. All I need now is a cover for the back. Am scared that my clutz of a mind will drop the phone..

Here’s a picture of my brothers phone which is exactly like kine but mines in titanium grey which in my opinion is a nice color. Too bad over in this part of the world, we don’t get the black and the brown versions… It’s only reserved for the US and the UK… We have brown people over here too.. Stop discriminating.. Racists..

Just kidding.. Anyway, it would have been sweet to get my hands on a black version which they call it sapphire black but am really happy with the titanium grey version. So no hard feelings…


Got you!

I finally got my Samsung Galaxy S3. I not only got one for myself but managed to convince my brother in getting one too. I must say, I am quite impressed with the whole package. Not only does it have the hardware but also Jellybean brings out the best of this quad core monster. I have yet to feel some lag in using my SGS3. I have about 2gigs of apps and games installed on my phone. It’s awesome so far… For now.. I’m at peace..

Trust in Business is a very different animal altogether…

Ever met someone who could talk you to death? Well the world is filled with them. Ever met someone who could sell a refrigerator to Eskimos? The world is filled with them too. Ever met someone who is very charismatic when talking? Most religious or faintly religious people would know who I’m talking about…


Well, have you ever met someone who was all the above? I don’t think many of us has had the privilege to meet someone like that. See, when someone talks too much and kind of borders between confidence and arrogance, usually that person can talk until kingdom comes. But usually it isn’t something useful to the betterment of your self. When someone can sell anything or make you buy something that you never wanted in the first place, those types of people are convincing but usually if you speak to them long enough, you will come out of that trance and realise that you have a chance to walk away. When someone is very charismatic and the moment the person starts speaking, you fall into a slight hypnosis and usually for the weak minded, that’s the end. You usually gobble all the rubbish that is spewed from their mouth.


Rarely, I mean really rarely you will find someone with all 3 traits and that is when you have to be extra careful. They would sweet-talk you to death and you would actually like it when you are dying and won’t even know that you are dead until its too late. So, I’ve been in that situation countless times but I’ve prided myself on my self-preservation and self-confidence that I can always do a 180 whenever I have the need too. But it still doesn’t help the fact that you might also end up feeling guilty to some extent.


The way I see it, I have roughly 3 choices in my current predicament.

First would be status quo and wait out to see when the clouds and smog clears up , it is indeed a sunny day or has the sun already set and I would be at a lost once again.

Second would be to continue on this path of haze but with the presumption that things might be different because of the different surroundings.

Third would be a total change of life’s perspective and start anew and afresh. The feeling of uncertainty at its peak but also it is exhilarating to a degree of excitement.


So, call me fed-up, annoyed, pissed off, whatnot, but at the end of the day, I need to think of myself and what is best for me and the ones I love.



On a separate topic, I would like to share something with the “www” on 2 different types of managers/bosses.

First would be the crocodile type of manager. When someone says crocodile, what comes to mind? Aggressive, top of the food chain, thick skin, clean-up crew, etc.. Well to some extent, that is correct in most cases. But I was going more on the look. Ever notice that a crocodile has a super huge mouth and really tiny ears? That’s usually the typical manager. Talks a lot, brags, full of himself/herself but rarely steps back and listens to anyone. Because they are arrogant bastards/bitches.

The other type would be, what I would like to call the rabbit type. Since I’ve already lead you on the path of looks, you can guess why rabbit is the choice. Big ears, small mouth, gets out of peoples way, not bothered bout what’s happening unless it concerns the rabbit and gets things done fast and efficient.


So world, be the 2nd type. Listen more, and speak less. I can honestly say that 80-90% of the worlds problems are because people talk too much and listen too little.

Be safe everyone and have a good rest of the week and a great weekend.

Breathe of fresh air..

The past couple of weeks have been really tough.

Today started out being the same.

After reassessing what’s important in my life, it was like a weight has been lifted and I’ve finally calmed down. It’s like coming up from a deep dark blue ocean and catching your first fresh breathe of air.

The weekend looks better already. What shall I do? Hmmmm….

When you have someone by the balls…

There was once someone told me this story about a squirrel and a sloth.. It goes something like this..

There was once a squirrel that lived in a tree. He was really hyper active but also put his active-ness into good use by collecting lots of food. One day, a sloth came by and saw the squirrel busy running up and down the tree whilst carrying food from pine nuts to acorns. He marveled at how hardworking this rodent was. He then approached the squirrel and asked if he could help and the squirrel longing for a friend quickly obliged and was happy to finally have a friend. So the squirrel continued to work during the day and rested at night with the sloth while talking and telling stories. He finally had a friend.

One day, during the start of winter, the squirrel came back to the tree and found that all his hardwork was no where to be seen. He then tried to find the sloth but the sloth couldn’t be found. The squirrel was devastated that not only he didn’t have food for the winter but he had lost his only friend.

The sloth had ran away with all his food…

This is not a real story and I just made it up. I wanted to create a story of a situation where someone promises you something in return for something and when you give that something, the person just holds you by the balls and doesn’t give what is due to you…

This is life. Life hands you lemonade and you make lemons.. “Life” will be like “wtffff”

I’m just ranting. Whoever came out with the phrase “It doesn’t rain, it pours” must’ve gone through shit to come out with it.

Best part of it all, Christmas is coming. Jeez…